Mindful Body Fitness Tulsa Mindful Body Fitness Tulsa (MBFT) is the Restorative and Natural Movement side of the Empowered Movement Program at ACWA Tulsa. MBFT seeks to help each person develop a supple and strong body while minimizing pain.
The Happy Warrior A fitness and lifestyle studio specializing in bringing balance and harmony to your mental and physical energies. The Happy Warrior believes a mindful approach to life, which emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability, leads to the best results for long term happiness. They offer instruction and classes in: ACWA self-defense, Wim Hof Method, Transformational Yoga and Meditation/Mindset.
Zova Health Center ZOVA is a health center in Tulsa, OK that includes chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. Their goal is to find the root of your pain or dysfunction. Zova believes that movement is medicine. Often a physical problem needs a physical solution not a chemical one. They seek to use the best ideas from many realms of body therapy to help you recover from joint and soft tissue injuries.
TAG Firearm Training Offers basic pistol and rifle classes to beginners, groups (corporate, women's only), private one-on-one lessons and Concealed Carry (SDA) classes.
Nutritious Movement - Katy Bowman a whole-body movement program that utilizes exercises, alignment adjustments, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to better move all trillion of your body's parts.
MovNat MovNat is a physical education & fitness system based on the full range of natural human movement abilities. These include the locomotive skills of walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming. In addition we practice the manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing & catching.