About Us:

Hi I'm Arron Baulch and I run the Tulsa, OK branch of the A.C.W.A. For the last 25 years the health and fitness industry has been my chosen profession. I traveled many paths in that time and have seen and experienced many things. Today my focus lies in being both a teacher and student of Natural Movement & A.C.W.A. Combatives and brining that information to my students! There's such a logical connection between natural movement and the personal defense mechanics in A.C.W.A. that the path just made sense to me, as I know it will for you as well. Everyone has the right to go home safe and lead the life they want witout fear and pain and that's exactly what I want to bring to the table.

  • Why should people train with you?
  • A.C.W.A. is a real-world solution to the problems we face in todays society, based on your body's natural movements. Practical, reality based, self-defense training is now available for normal people just like you.

  • What can people expect from the training?
  • Unlike ordinary martial arts and "sport-based" training programs, most of which are linear forms of training, the A.C.W.A. program is based on the challenges everyday people face in the world today. While most programs take years to really grasp, you walk away with real-world skills that can be applied after your first session! No prerequisites, no experience required, we teach you how to harness your body's pre-programmed mechanics into usable skills from day one.

  • What would a typical class be like with you?
  • Classes are typically broken into 1 hour segments. This keeps our program easily accessible to everyone with all schedules. Each session consists of training covering all aspects of self-defense, including not just body mechanics but honing our mindset as well. I also believe that life is an adventure and adventures are supposed to be FUN, which is why we focus on having fun and creating a relaxed, safe, and exciting training environment.

  • Who trains with you?
  • The A.C.W.A. program is open to men and women of all walks of life! From students leaving for college at 18 years old, to combat veterans, to working moms and dads, EVERYONE can benefit from our program!

    ACWA Instructor Image

    Aaron Baulch - A.C.W.A. Combatives Instructor

  • What programs do you offer?
  • Our programs include weekly group lessons for ages 14 and up. We also teach seminars for corporate wellness/team building as well as private lessons for those with limited availability! Got a crazy schedule? No problem, give us a call, we can work around it and provide you some amazing training one-on-one.